Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My ShipIt CD...

Few days ago, I received a letter. It told me to took some packages from France in post office as mentioned. I knew that it's my Ubuntu CD, I took a bath then went to that post office. After gave my ID card, a young girl who work on post office gave me a box. Wow! I didn't expect that my Ubuntu CD came in a box, usually it came on big white envelope. I was happy.

Today, before I give it to my friends I want to take some photos with my beloved Ubuntu CD. Believe me, you will feel different when you receive by yourself. Here is my Breezy Badger:

Then, I'm thinking what Ubuntu previous release looks like. Here is what I've got:
  • Warthy Warthog

  • Hoary Hegdehog

Thanks to my friend, Nito and blogs who provide Warthy and Hoary nice pics. See you on Dapper Drake edition ;-)


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